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An Inbound Marketing Agency That Just Gets You

SevenAtoms doesn’t believe in boiler-plate marketing strategies or spending time and resources on inbound channels that don’t make sense for your business. We take the time to understand your business and develop an inbound marketing strategy that appeals to your specific target audience. Open communication, custom strategies, and regular reporting are all part of our core values. With SevenAtoms, you’ll get a partner that just gets you. 

But What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a way of attracting customers through good quality content, effective SEO and engaging social media. Inbound Marketing involves generating high quality leads, nurturing them and converting them with exceptional strategies and customer service. There are four main areas under Inbound Marketing – Getting found by ensuring your visibility across multiple online channels, Converting visitors into leads, Closing business by nurturing leads into customers and Analyzing results to improve decision making and ROI.

Inbound Marketing

What are the Advantages of Inbound Marketing?

It is extremely cost effective

The costs of an inbound marketing strategy, content creation, SEO and Social Media are a lot less than outbound marketing such as TV Ads, Cold Calls, Direct Mail and Tradeshows.

It turns your fans into brand advocates

If your inbound marketing efforts are creating great content, then those that follow your brand and read this content will share it with their friends. This provides the best type of endorsement for your brand since it comes from a highly trusted source.

It lasts for a long time

There is no expiration date for your inbound marketing. Once you have produced content and published it online, it remains available forever.

It creates better quality leads

Prospects that find and contact you have already researched competitors and narrowed down the list of companies they want to do business with. They are already half sold on your product or service by going through your site or blog. And if they come in through a friend’s referral on a social site, they would need even less convincing because someone they trust has vouched for you.

What an Inbound Marketing Agency can do for you

There are a lot of different elements that need to be considered with inbound marketing. You have to have an overall strategy that links all of your online channels together into one cohesive whole. An inbound marketing agency will come up with a comprehensive strategy based on the outcomes you desire out of your inbound marketing efforts. Whether your goal is to increase web traffic to raise your brand’s awareness, generate leads for your product or service, or boost sales from your e-commerce site, an inbound marketing agency will design content and strategies to funnel potential leads to that point. Further, an inbound marketing agency will have the right resources with the experience to strategize, create content for a host of different mediums, manage all of your search engine and social media channels, generate and nurture leads and convert them into customers. Putting together and managing your own team to do this would be inefficient and cost prohibitive.

Why Choose SevenAtoms as Your Inbound Marketing Agency?

We will help you effectively manage all aspects of your inbound marketing strategy and do the heavy lifting for you. We will connect all of you marketing channels together into a cohesive whole that gets you targeted visitors, converts them into leads and helps turn them into customers. All activities are monitored and analyzed so we can show you measurable ROI and improve areas that are not as effective.

We have a proven process for ensuring the success of your inbound marketing campaigns. The approach we follow consists of the following elements.

Search Marketing - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Search Marketing

A strong presence on search engines is essential for inbound success. SevenAtoms will analyze your competitors, identify keyword opportunities, and optimize your website so that you get more, better qualified traffic from search.

Content Marketing - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Content Marketing

Content is what drives inbound marketing. SevenAtoms can assist with every aspect of your content marketing, from strategy to topic generation, content creation to promotion. Whether it’s blogs, premium, or website content, we have you covered.

Social Media Marketing - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Social Media Marketing

Inbound is about being where your potential customers are online, and your potential customers are on social media. SevenAtoms will keep your social feeds full of content and ensure that you get consistent, qualified traffic from social.

Lead Nurturing - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Lead Nurturing

We can identify nurturing opportunities, develop workflows, create and test emails, and turn your marketing automation into a well-oiled machine.

Lead Generation - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Lead Generation

Website traffic is great, but leads are better. SevenAtoms specializes in crafting landing pages, forms, and pop-ups that convert visitors into leads.

Web Analytics - Inbound Marketing Agency San Francisco Bay Area and HubSpot Partner

Web Analytics

Understand how your inbound campaigns are performing and get expert insights into how to improve performance. SevenAtoms tracks the metrics that mean the most to your business and provides you with regular reporting. 

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