The Client

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Landpoint is an award winning firm of registered land surveyors, engineers, and environmental consultants providing nation-wide coverage for projects of all sizes. They specialize in pipelines, gas and oil well locations, surveys, construction layouts, topographical boundaries, subdivision design, wetlands delineation, HDS laser scanning, and online maps with 3D scanning services.

SevenAtoms is definitely an expert in the digital marketing field! They have delivered amazing results over what we had before. The journey with them has been exceptional, probably the best result-oriented business engagement experience in years.

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The Challenge

The Challenge

While a leader in their field, Landpoint was struggling with acquiring new leads online. Most leads came in through offline sales efforts and networking, and while this was reliable, it was not bringing in the growth that the company desired. There were a number of issues that the company faced with their online marketing:

  • Overall website traffic was low as was brand awareness
  • They had an almost non-existent social media presence
  • While they had a pay per click (PPC) campaign currently in action, it was not being managed and as a result, was not generating results
  • They wanted to focus more on targeting companies in the oil and gas industry, which were much better prospects for them

In addition to these challenges, one of Landpoint’s biggest value propositions was that it focused on the latest technologies, but its online presence did not reflect this.

The Solution

The Solutions

Landpoint approached several Hubspot Certified Partners but finally chose SevenAtoms because of their thorough proposal which included an evaluation of the company’s online presence and concrete suggestions for achieving their goals.

SevenAtoms came up with a detailed inbound marketing strategy and provided the following solutions:

  • Identification of Landpoint’s buyer personas, which would then be used to shape all of the other elements of their marketing campaigns.
  • An SEO overhaul of their website in order to improve organic positioning of the site and better target the oil and gas industry.
  • Creation of new pages to boost SEO and provide improved content for visitors.
  • Regular blog posts to educate potential clients and bring in better quality leads. Blogging was also chosen for its SEO benefits as well.
  • Monthly press releases with targeted distribution to improve branding and increase exposure within the oil & gas industry.
  • PPC campaign optimization and management of all their campaigns including paid search, display and remarketing.
  • Development of premium ebooks and guides focused on educating readers rather than promoting their services.
  • LinkedIn marketing campaign which included optimizing their LinkedIn company page, posting of regular content updates and sponsored (paid) campaigns for promoting ebooks/guides.
  • Creation of responsive landing pages and then performing rigorous A/B testing to ensure maximum performance for PPC campaigns and content offers for LinkedIn campaigns.
  • Updating campaigns throughout to improve the quality of leads.
The Results

The Results

In the first six months of engaging SevenAtoms, web traffic to Landpoint’s website grew at a very strong rate. Thanks to better education of their customer base as well as improved landing pages, the number as well as quality of leads improved significantly. More and more oil and gas company leads began coming in through the campaigns.

Here is a look at the results SevenAtoms was able to achieve:

  • 98% increase in overall web traffic
  • 217% increase in organic traffic
  • 290% increase in the number of leads
  • 630% increase in number of sales qualified leads

Beyond these numbers, there was this amazing fact: In 2014, one newly acquired customer alone accounted for over half a million dollars in revenue, thus paying for the entire marketing campaign many times over!

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