The Client


Prior to its acquisition by Snowflake in 2023, SISU Data was a “Decision Intelligence Engine” that empowered businesses to harness high volumes of cloud data to help them gather insights and make informed decisions. SISU was trusted by a number of high-profile clients like Wayfair and Samsung to “optimize their customer journeys, accelerate revenue growth, and reduce incidents.”

The Challenge

The Challenge

Prior to hiring SevenAtoms, SISU was primarily running brand awareness campaigns with the objective of getting website visits. However, they were not properly tracking website conversions via their LinkedIn marketing campaigns, and as such were wrestling with inefficiency. SevenAtoms was brought on to improve cost per lead, run account-based marketing campaigns targeting highly specific accounts identified as potential high-value customers, and run retargeting campaigns to drive demo leads.

The Solution

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

  • LinkedIn Lead Generation Ad Campaign Setup and Management
  • LinkedIn Account Based Marketing (ABM) Campaign Setup and Management

SevenAtoms began running LinkedIn lead generation ads for demos, ebooks, and industry reports. They launched multiple campaigns, experimenting with a variety of diverse targeting options to optimize cost-per-lead.

For LinkedIn ABM, they targeted both accounts provided by SISU as well as new accounts identified by the SevenAtoms team to broaden their client’s reach.

SevenAtoms further designed and implemented retargeting campaigns at “warm” leads to drive demos of the SISU platform.

The Results

The Results

SISU saw consistent growth and improvement in nearly all major metrics after hiring SevenAtoms to manage its LinkedIn marketing campaigns. Key highlights include:

  • 3015% increase in LinkedIn leads
  • 57% reduction in cost per lead
  • 48% reduction in cost per click
  • 77% increase in overall CTR

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