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Marketing Automation Services That Really Make an Impact

Not every lead comes to you fully educated about your brand and ready to get started. Some may be completely unaware about your company, what you do, and how you can help them. Others may have very clear ideas about what they are looking for. When leads are telling you what they are looking for, why would you market to them all the same with generic messages?

SevenAtoms is a marketing automation agency that specializes in creating unique lead nurturing campaigns that are tailored to the specific leads you are trying to connect with.

How Our Marketing Automation Services Improves Customer Engagement

Many companies send generic messages via email to their prospects, regardless of where they are in their buying cycle, hoping to engage them and potentially win their business. This is no different than the traditional outbound marketing methodology where companies blindly advertise to everyone without understanding their target audience’s needs, while keeping their fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Using new marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot and Marketo, we can help you clearly segment your target audience into different personas and map them to different stages of the buying cycle. The way these buyers interact with your website tells you exactly what your customers are looking for and arms you with enough information to market to them with the right type of content.

We create campaigns that are specific to your leads’ interests, their understanding of your products and services, and how far down the buying cycle they are. The result – a more targeted approach to lead nurturing that results in a better ROI.

Why Partner With SevenAtoms

There are a number of platforms that can be used for marketing automation, all of which have a full suite of tools that let you manage your lead nurturing efforts. That being said, to truly maximize your automation, it helps to work with a marketing automation agency that specializes in the platform you are using, or planning to use. While SevenAtoms has experience with a number of different automation platforms, there are two that we particularly excel at:


We are a HubSpot partner and have for years helped businesses make the most of HubSpot’s marketing automation tools. We can integrate marketing automation with the other suite of tools that HubSpot offers so that your campaigns run seamlessly.


We are also a Marketo partner and have a great deal of experience with this platform. Thanks to Marketo’s sophisticated functionality, we are able to create highly targeted campaigns with this platform.

It’s important to note that having a HubSpot partner or Marketo partner also means your own marketing team can focus more on the big picture instead of the nuts and bolts of their campaigns. But no matter what platform you are using, if you need help with marketing automation services then SevenAtoms can help.

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