The Client


Our client, Model N, provides revenue management solutions for various industries, including life sciences, high technology, manufacturing, and healthcare. Model N helps organizations automate and optimize revenue processes using their cloud-based revenue management solutions, ensuring compliance with regulations and improving overall efficiency. The Model N platform is designed to address the complexities of pricing, contracting, rebates, and regulatory compliance across different industries.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Model N had been running PPC campaigns for several years, and had been generating conversions albeit at a high cost per acquisition. This had been due to several factors, one of which was a low quality score for their PPC keywords, which was hampering performance and driving up costs.

SevenAtoms committed to help Model N optimize the performance of their paid campaigns, achieve a better quality score, and reduce cost per acquisition to make their lead generation more profitable and sustainable.

The Solution

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

  • Google PPC campaign setup and management
  • Google Display Advertising and retargeting campaign setup and management
  • LinkedIn PPC campaign setup and management
  • Website content optimization
  • Custom landing page development to maximize conversions

SevenAtoms revamped client’s PPC campaigns, focusing on competitive long-tail keywords to increase leads and to improve quality score. Custom-built, mobile-optimized landing pages helped direct these high-performance PPC leads to a destination where they were more likely to convert.

The SevenAtoms team designed and executed campaigns to run on Google Ads, Google display ads, LinkedIn, both targeting fresh leads as well as remarketing towards leads that were already in the sales funnel.

The Results

The Results

The SevenAtoms team helped Model N achieve their goals of more leads at a lower cost per acquisition, thanks to the optimization of their PPC campaigns. Key highlights include:

  • 453% increase in lead generation
  • 86% decrease in cost per lead
  • 63% decrease in cost per click
  • 606% increase in clickthrough rate

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