The Client


Our client, Align Technologies (formerly ToolWatch) offers solutions for construction operations like asset management, EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) management, and workforce management. The ToolWatch platform provides a suite of tools to streamline the process of tracking, monitoring, and managing various assets crucial to construction projects. This includes features like asset tracking, inventory management, reporting, and software integrations to provide a comprehensive solution for construction companies.


The SevenAtoms team have worked seamlessly as an extension of our marketing team and have helped us achieve our revenue goals for our paid search program. SevenAtoms leveraged our tech stack so we have visibility via our existing tools like HubSpot and Salesforce, and their methodical test-and-adjust approach gets results. I would recommend SevenAtoms to other companies looking to turn on a new revenue channel or convert a low-performing PPC program into a profit center.

Troy-Suttle Troy Suttle
VP of Marketing, Align Technologies
The Challenge

The Challenge

Align hired SevenAtoms to achieve specific marketing goals related to reducing their cost-per-opportunity (CPO); understanding performance data on Google, Bing, and Capterra; and aiming for consistent performance across these platforms. Align’s primary objectives were to increase their ad spend across these channels, potentially expand their PPC campaigns to include additional product categories, and do all of this while achieving a strong ROI. While they had had some success with existing PPC campaigns, the cost per acquisition was very high – and they wanted SevenAtoms’ help in bringing it to a manageable level.

The Solution

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

  • Google PPC campaign setup and management
  • Bing PPC campaign setup and management
  • Capterra PPC campaign setup and management
  • LinkedIn PPC campaign setup and management
  • Custom landing page development to optimize for conversions

SevenAtoms overhauled Align’s PPC campaigns by focusing on less competitive, high-intent long-tail keywords and other niche terms. Combining these keywords with custom-built landing pages that were more aligned with a lead’s expectations and interests – and also more optimized for mobile users – helped bring the cost per acquisition down to a more reasonable level. Additionally, the SevenAtoms team set up proper conversion tracking to monitor and measure campaign performance to adjust accordingly. Furthermore, SevenAtoms overhauled Align’s presence on Capterra to increase the visibility of the brand on this key B2B platform.

The Results

The Results

Working with SevenAtoms, Align saw enhanced online lead generation at a reduced CPO, well below Align’s initial targets. Key highlights include:

  • 106% increase in lead generation
  • 55% increase in opportunities
  • 42% reduced cost per lead
  • 60% increase in web traffic

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