The Client


Our client, Pro-Vigil, pairs remote video surveillance using advanced cameras and AI technology with highly trained remote guards to protect commercial properties. Pro-Vigil’s primary focus is on preventing crime and providing peace of mind to property owners. They offer comprehensive off-hours coverage for industries like construction, car dealerships, manufacturing, and agriculture, using AI powered cameras and trained security guards who can employ audio-visual deterrents and contact police when intruders are detected.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Pro-Vigil had been struggling with lead generation from paid campaigns and had incurred substantial ad spend losses. They were also not able to grow their website’s organic traffic. Their prior agency had encountered challenges with efficient timelines and had difficulty taking responsibility for mistakes, contributing to a breakdown in trust.

Pro-Vigil’s expectations included revamping their paid and organic campaigns to improve performance. They also sought transparency and honest communication regarding ongoing tasks, along with active campaign adjustments to scale their efforts effectively.

The Solution

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

  • Google PPC campaign setup and management
  • Bing PPC campaign setup and management
  • LinkedIn PPC campaign setup and management
  • Custom landing page development
  • SEO-driven content production and site updates

The SevenAtoms PPC team conducted thorough competitor and keyword research, targeting high-intent keywords with relevant, custom-created ad copy and compelling CTAs. They built custom-designed landing pages intended to convert more effectively than the client’s existing pages had. On LinkedIn, they executed a targeted account-based marketing strategy to engage key decision-makers in handpicked accounts. After the campaign launch, they closely monitored performance, optimized all elements regularly, and conducted A/B tests of landing pages and ads to drive constant improvement.

SevenAtoms’ content and SEO team completed a full site overhaul to increase organic traffic by optimizing internal elements and rewriting portions of the existing content. They also began producing authoritative and valuable blog posts designed to resonate with Pro-Vigil’s target audience, aiming to provide useful information that would capture their interest and engagement.


The Results

The Results

SevenAtoms’ efforts delivered substantial improvement across the board. Key highlights included:

  • 252% increase in leads, their primary objective
  • 700% increase in conversion rate thanks to custom-designed landing pages
  • 57% decrease in cost per lead, alongside increased lead quality
  • 394% increase in monthly opportunities
  • 482% increase in recurring monthly revenue
  • 433% increase in organic traffic
  • 48 target keywords ranking on the front page of Google

SevenAtoms also delivered a monthly report and full dashboard featuring a comprehensive look at client’s PPC campaigns, organic traffic, and assessing KPIs to improve transparency.


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