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Hit your sales numbers fast by mastering the art and science of internet marketing.

You’ve seen viral posts but never achieved one. Your PPC is a bottomless well of little return. Your content is good—but is anyone reading it?

SevenAtoms can turn things around. How?

Our San Diego internet marketing company knows the tricks of the trade. We help businesses like yours master the ever-changing, turbulent world of online marketing. We do this in a way that doesn’t break your bank, instead operating within your budget to maximize your return. 

We can help you beat your competitors in sales by leveraging intelligent technologies and proven strategies to build your business. When was the last time your internet marketing services company truly delivered on its promises? We’ve promised and delivered countless successful paid campaigns for our clients. We have the expertise to increase your dollar-for-dollar marketing return on your campaign investments. Don’t waste your money on other San Diego internet marketing firms; SevenAtoms is the real deal.

PPC Advertising

It’s hard to master the art of pay-per-click advertising. But if you do—it’s a digital goldmine. We see many companies that are frustrated by their investments in PPC with little return. This is even true in larger companies that have a dedicated marketing staff. That’s because these teams rarely have a PPC expert on board—and that’s what it takes to nail down this fickle, volatile channel.

PPC advertising for the novice isn’t recommended. It’s almost like gambling at a casino; the cards are stacked against you every time if you’re not a professional. Which platform do you use? Google Ads? Instagram? Twitter? Quora? Each of these “casinos” has its own platform, targeting best practices, placement options, and quirks. Each one has their own set of best practices and if you get it wrong, you can lose big money, fast. 

Every PPC advertising platform has a steep learning curve. Not only do you have to create a campaign to maximize each channel, you need a system for monitoring and tweaking your return in real-time.

This is exactly why PPC is a full-time job master. Not all strategies work out, but you don’t have the time or money to waste on an approach that isn’t anything but foolproof. It’s no wonder your marketing team simply can’t keep up. When done well, PPC can:

  • Decrease your per-click costs
  • Increase clickthrough rates
  • Improve conversions
  • Increase high-quality leads

SevenAtoms has been riding the PPC bronco since our inception. We know from our clients’ prior experiences that not all San Diego internet marketing companies do PPC well. 

That’s exactly why you should call SevenAtoms first. 

San Diego Internet Marketing Services - PPC Advertising

Content Marketing

Content is still the King and Queen of media, but it’s like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it in so many cases. Is your content being read? How do you know if it’s relevant to your target audience? What is your content actually doing to influence sales? If your San Diego internet marketing service isn’t asking these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Pick a topic, Google it, and see how many times the same article pops up. We see basically the same “5 Ways To…” or “10 Tips For…” article written repeatedly across industries. Then there’s the content that is so SEO-keyword-laden it barely makes sense. Or content, that frankly, is so poor it’s embarrassing. No wonder no one is actually reading it.

When clients come to our San Diego internet marketing company, they’ve usually experienced content done so poorly that they feel no one is reading it, or worse, that their brand has been damaged in the process. Content mills are not the answer, clearly. Your audience will read your content but only if the topic matters to them and is on an internet channel that they frequent. 

Most of the time, we see content almost as an afterthought. Companies know it’s important, but they haven’t taken the time to map out what is it about their product that appeals to their target audience. They haven’t mapped out the customer buying journey, either, so they don’t realize how good content can be the driver behind the sale. A lot of good money is wasted on bad content and it’s time to stop.

Call on SevenAtoms. Our copy is crafted to increase your sales and build your reputation. It’s SEO-smart, but not dripping with keywords. The copy is interesting and engaging to your current and potential clients because it touches topics that matter to them. 

SevenAtoms San Diego internet marketing service gives you real content ROI. 

San Diego Internet Marketing Services- Content Maketing

Social Media

Here’s the real secret to social media; you can’t just dip your toe in it. Social media is immersive, but without the expertise to ride these waves, you will quickly drown. That’s where SevenAtoms can help.

Our job, as your San Diego internet marketing services provider, is to use smart, funny, sometimes irreverent – but always relevant – social content to build your brand. It’s a process that is one-half art and one-half science, as much of a gut instinct as it is metric-driven. There is real creativity behind the best viral social posts, but if your San Diego internet marketing company doesn’t have a knack for it, you’re going to fail to build the audience you deserve.

Our process starts with a careful analysis of your target markets. What topics resonate with this audience? Then, how can this target market expand at the edges to bring in more like-minded potential buyers. Finally, what content can we use to reach your goals, whether it’s lead generation or building respect and credibility for your organization?

Then we roll into careful SEO-driven messaging that drives traffic where you need it to go. It’s not just the messaging itself, but also the venue where you share the content that is really where the rubber meets the digital pavement. There are so many nuances behind posts that deliberately go viral (as opposed to those “happy accidents” that you see every day in your newsfeed.)

See, we told you it was complicated.

SevenAtoms has a proven track record of building and retaining audiences in the social space. We work thoughtfully across each platform and decisively build your audience. Whether it’s engaging existing customers in the success of your brand or attracting new prospects and converting them to the sale, we do it—and do it well. 

San Diego Internet Marketing Services - Social Media

Facebook Marketing

Is Facebook oversaturated – but can you still be successful marketing on the platform?

Oh yes, Facebook marketing can yield real ROI if you do it right. If your internet marketing company isn’t producing the results you want, it’s time to call us. 

No matter the size of your business, Facebook can be incredibly powerful. Whether it’s putting the right content on your Facebook page, running effective ads, or conducting a Live post, this social platform can still work wonders for your business. There are nearly 3 billion active users on the platform. So, if you’re not meeting your customer engagement goals, it’s not the fault of the social platform. What are you doing wrong?


  • What are your ad goals and how are you tracking results?
  • Is your Facebook business page drawing attention to your business?
  • Are you using boosted paid ads to boost your sales leads?
  • Are you running A/B tests on all of your ad copy?
  • How often are you leveraging video
  • What about Messenger ads?
Facebook, like all social platforms, has its own set of best practices to maximize the platform. SevenAtoms knows Facebook and stays on top of some of the recent changes we’ve seen to the application. If you can’t say the same thing with confidence, it’s time to call our team.
San Diego Internet Marketing Services - Facebook Marketing

Ecommerce Marketing

Ask any San Diego marketing company and they’ll tell you that ecommerce is a world into itself. It’s a category of marketing irrevocably tied to the internet itself. In fact, ecommerce is like the monetized baby of the digital cloud. 

So many companies try and fail in the ecommerce marketing space. Millions, perhaps billions, have been lost. That’s because this is a terribly competitive world not for the faint hearted. It’s ever changing and complicated, requires 24/7 tweaking, and generally is a full-time job. Perhaps that’s why so many ecommerce companies struggle to find a successful niche.

At SevenAtoms, we’ve mastered the ecommerce marketing field, whether it’s:

  • PPC to support a campaign
  • Google Shopping Management to scale up
  • Facebook Ads to build brand awareness and remarket to any laggers
  • SEO for better ranking
  • Content creation for building trust
  • Ecommerce landing pages for better conversions
  • Or email marketing to reach your customers where they live.
SevenAtoms wants to be your San Diego internet marketing company. Talk to our team today to discuss how we can help.
San Diego Internet Marketing Services - Ecommerce Marketing

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