The Client


Slice Pizzeria is a gourmet pizzeria in Yorktown Heights, New York, that offers mouth-watering pizzas, high-quality apps and chef-made entrees. With a commitment to using fresh ingredients, offering an extensive selection of toppings, and employing talented professional chefs, Slice Pizzeria caters to diverse tastes. From their classic cheese pizza to more gourmet options, they strive to deliver quality that leaves customers craving more.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Slice Pizzeria was opening their first location in YorkTown Heights and wanted help creating awareness and advertising their food to local customers who would not have heard of them. They approached SevenAtoms to promote their business on and offline in order to increase pizza delivery orders. Since Slice Pizzeria had not been running any online advertising to this point, SevenAtoms conducted a detailed analysis of Slice Pizzeria’s offerings to build their marketing strategy from the ground up.

The objectives were clear: Increase Slice Pizzeria’s online visibility, attract potential customers both in-store and online, and ultimately generate more orders for their pizza delivery service.

The Solution

The Solutions

SevenAtoms provided the following services:

  • Google PPC and call-only campaign setup and management
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads campaign setup and management
  • Email marketing
  • GrubHub advertising setup and management
  • TikTok advertising setup and management
  • Video and influencer campaigns
  • Custom landing page development to optimize for conversions

SevenAtoms executed a deep analysis to understand the competitive landscape and consumer preferences in Yorktown Heights. They defined the ideal target audience for Slice Pizzeria’s pizza delivery service based on demographics, location, and consumer behaviour.

The SevenAtoms team created engaging video ads highlighting Slice’s delicious food, speedy delivery and surface. They targeted both call-only and online orders using paid ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. On holidays and special occasions, the team designed promotions and ran special ad and email campaigns to drive heavy engagement.

The Results

The Results

Much like Slice Pizzeria itself, the SevenAtoms team delivered. Slice saw sharp growth despite being a brand-new restaurant to the Yorktown Heights community. Key highlights include:

  • 17x increase in revenue
  • Over 42,000 orders
  • Over 4 million online impressions across all platforms (from zero)
  • Over 76,000 visitors to the Slice Pizzeria website
  • 2.8k orders from Facebook advertising

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