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Optimize Pricing Landing Page

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Is your pricing page optimized for conversions? Believe it or not, the pricing page is often neglected by marketers as it’s seen as the next logical step for consumers who have already made up their minds about converting. However, even if the consumer is ready to buy, a poorly designed landing page can still turn them away. Below, we’ll provide some guidance on pricing landing page optimization.

4 Tips for Pricing Landing Page Optimization

As with designing any other page on your site, you need to think carefully about the design and content on your pricing page. Here are just a few tips that you can use for pricing landing page optimization:

Pricing Landing Page Optimization Tip 1 – Consider the psychology of your page layout. 

One of the most effective approaches to designing the pricing landing page is to take into consideration the psychological triggers of your page layout. You will want to consider and anticipate issues or objections that your site visitors might have once they land on the pricing page. Then, design your landing page to address these questions or issues before the visitor can even voice them.

For instance, one of the biggest problems that consumers will face when landing on the pricing page is not understanding the context of the product or service that your company offers. When faced with pricing, they may feel that what you offer is “too expensive.” To address this concern right out the gate, you need to offer some context. This is where price anchoring becomes valuable.

Price anchoring is a tactic where you compare your pricing to a much more expensive option. When faced with your pricing in the context of a higher price, consumers are more likely to find your pricing fair and reasonable. To use this to your advantage on your pricing page, you may want to present your most expensive option first while highlighting a recommended option that is less expensive.

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Another common issue that consumers face is that they become stagnant. After researching and reviewing so many brands, products, and pricing pages, consumers can become paralyzed. This stagnation can be counteracted with some encouragement from your brand. There are a few ways that your pricing page can help nudge consumers in the right direction.

One way to influence consumers who are stuck is to emphasize scarcity. When you mention that products are available for a limited time or service pricing will increase in the future, you are creating a sense of urgency for consumers to act sooner rather than later. This appeals to their fear of missing out and might help guide them into conversion by inspiring them to take action.

Pricing Landing Page Optimization Tip 2 – Keep your pricing page design and content clear and simple.

Another important consideration when creating your pricing landing page is the design of your page. If this page is hard to navigate or difficult for the consumer to understand, this may cause them to leave your site and never return. The best rule of thumb here is to make your page as easy as possible for visitors to understand.

Start by removing any clutter from your landing page. The pricing page has one major goal – to convert. Remove any design elements or content that are not focused on this goal. Extra navigational details or irrelevant content might distract the consumer, which only keeps you from achieving your conversion goal.

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When it comes to the copy on your pricing page, it’s important that you highlight the tangible facts regarding your pricing points. On other areas of your site, you may have content emphasizing intangible elements like the value or quality of your products or services. However, the most effective pricing pages break down exactly what the consumer gets when they hand over their credit card information. 

Pricing Landing Page Optimization Tip 3 – Don’t provide too many options.

If you have a product or service with multiple pricing options, this can be a great way to appeal to different consumers. Varied pricing plans can offer some flexibility, allowing consumers to choose the best option to meet their needs. However, too many options can cause analysis paralysis. This is when the consumer becomes overwhelmed by the number of options available to them. Once the consumer is overwhelmed, they may end up leaving the page without converting.

Not only do too many options overwhelm the consumer, they can also start to cause some confusion. For instance, if you have multiple pricing options and each offers different features, visually representing each option with all of its features can become messy and complicated. When too much information is trying to be communicated on the page, it can very easily turn the consumer away.

Pricing Landing Page Optimization - Don’t provide too many options


The best way to remedy this is by eliminating any complexities on your pricing landing page. Your pricing options should be clearly stated and easy to understand. You need to make it clear to the consumer what they are getting for their money. This is especially important if your business offers different pricing plans or options.

Additionally, make it easy for consumers to understand and decide which pricing option best fits their needs. Rather than listing every feature for each pricing option, focus on the core features that mean the most to consumers. Ultimately, visitors should be able to look at your pricing options and easily understand which is the right one for them.

Pricing Landing Page Optimization Tip 4 – Create content that builds trust.

In the end, your site visitors will only convert once they know that they can trust your brand. That’s why it’s important to include certain elements on your pricing landing page that help establish trust with your site visitors. One of the best ways to build trust is to highlight previous customers who have worked with your business and put their trust in you.

You can do this by including testimonials or case studies on the page. This signals to the visitor that others have taken the leap and trusted your brand to provide the very best products and services. Sometimes, this is all that a lead needs to follow through with their final purchase.

In an effort to keep the content short, sweet, and simple, you can use quotes from happy customers right on your pricing page as a final push toward conversion.

Pricing Landing Page Optimization - content that builds trust


Another simple way to build trust on the pricing page is by including any certifications, awards, qualifications, or trust icons. For example, if you have a specific certification that is important in your industry, displaying this on your pricing page can help signal to visitors that your business has taken the necessary steps to work efficiently, effectively, and ethically within your industry.

Pricing Landing Page Optimization – Final Takeaways

Though it can be easy to forget about your pricing page, this landing page is one of the most important pages on your site as it provides the final push for consumers to convert. Make sure that your pricing page is attractive and easy to navigate while providing a clear path to conversion. If you’re not sure which elements of the pricing page will provide the best results, test different versions of the page to improve your landing page optimization.

Need help designing a better pricing page? The digital marketing experts at SevenAtoms can help you develop landing pages that convert. Whether you want to revamp your pricing page or just need help creating landing pages for new products or content offers, we’re here to help with landing page optimization. Contact us today for a free proposal.

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