Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Content Marketing

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Content Marketing

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Social Media plays a vital role in building a success story for your content marketing. It allows content marketers to mount brand awareness and drive returns. A social media platform is not only the place to reach your target buyers, but it is also the place to nurture existing customer relationships through engaging content.

Despite these benefits, many brands fail to use social media to its full potential. Nowadays, social media demands a unique bundle of strategies and management that magnifies a brand’s abilities and understands its audience’s needs to the fullest.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 social media strategies you need to implement to achieve your content marketing goals and establish a brand. But before we jump into it, let’s understand social media marketing at its basics.

Social Media Marketing 101

Social media marketing involves curating and sharing content on various social media platforms to embark on your social media presence. It involves activities like curating text, posting images, videos, infographics, and other interesting content, and executing social media campaigns that affect audience interaction. It also includes paid social media advertising under influencer marketing.

Regardless of what business you have or what industry you’re in, these strategies will help you build your social media marketing strategy and make your social media game strong.

So, what are the social media marketing strategies for content marketing?

Choose Social Media Platforms Relevant to Your Target Community

The first and foremost that comes to our strategy list is adopting the best social media platform for marketing your content, according to your brand’s unique user base and environment. Diverse social media platforms have different approaches to content.


Choose Social Media Platforms Relevant to Your Target Community


For choosing the right social channel, you need to understand the target audience; social media can provide a lot of insights about them.

So, before you get started with content marketing, choose the social platform that checks on all the preferences. For example, any social platform you select must be an ideal online hangout destination of your target customers, and one that lets them engage with interests, lifestyle, needs, and concerns.

Employ this knowledge to focus on the social platforms you want to target to market or promote your content. For instance, a fashion influencer might use Instagram to attract huge brands and promote various products and approach potential consumers with high conversion rates. Whereas platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter involve more professional users seeking business opportunities.   

Keep in mind: Users favor brands whose values align with their own.

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Outline an Effective Content Marketing Strategy

We know the fact that content is the king, and there’s no exception to it. Today, content marketing has become the key to market your brand. There’s a place for traditional brand promotion and marketing, but quality content coupled with high-quality SEO opens doors to new customers.

By adopting a relevant hashtag plan, you can not only optimize the content for sharing, but also drag your audience’s attention to the most critical parts of the message in an organic manner. 

Pro tip: Before you start to implement your content marketing strategy, make sure you have the right tracking in place for your content marketing in Google Analytics. You don’t want to start creating content and promoting it, only to discover later that you weren’t tracking it.

To sum up, it’s essential to build out everything you need to deliver using your content marketing strategy. However, if you feel sluggish about having one, I’ll remind you that an effective content marketing strategycan be implemented for free!

Run Cross-channel Social Media Campaigns

One of the important social media strategies is to run cross-channel campaigns across all your social media channels.

Many brands do various advertising campaigns, so you may want to stand out from the crowd by ensuring your campaigns have an emotional element that your audience can connect to. Creating a memorable hashtag like #shotoniphone and letting your community do the rest with user-generated content is what many next-generation marketers are doing.


Run Cross-channel Social Media Campaigns


To do any social media campaign, you will need to:

  • Narrate an appealing story for greater interaction;
  • Link a specific landing page that adds more information about your ad campaign;
  • Tag a memorable hashtag for the relevant campaign.

Audit Social Media Profiles

This is one of the fundamental steps in building a solid social media marketing strategy. It allows you to scale your company’s current practice and presence on social media.


Audit Social Media Profiles


Get an inventory of your social channels:

  • Compose a list of your social profiles, both active and inactive;
  • Delete duplicate accounts to avoid confusion among your audience;
  • Remove inactive accounts where you don’t publish.

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Analyze the Competitive Social Media Space

You should know what your competitors practice on social media in pursuit of their sales goals. This helps you to scope out valuable insights into best and worst practices in executing user interaction. Analyze and learn about their social media strategies, and track important stats like followers, subscribers, frequency of posting, and their social campaigns.


Analyze the Competitive Social Media Space


All you need is to perform a keyword search and list down your top competition in your space. This keeps you updated with recent social media insights, users’ needs, appealing content, and, most importantly, new content ideas.

You can also improvise the same tactics your social platforms to scale up the potential audience for conversion.

Final Words

Social media offers exciting opportunities to enhance brand awareness and the strength of your business credibility. Looking at the current scenario, it is no wonder that social media is expanding.

The right social media strategy plays an integral role in marketing your content, be it images, text, or videos. Once you create it, a successful strategy can power up your audience-reach and ride potential leads by influencing the customers at most of the stages of the sales funnel.

Author bio – Dhruv is a freelance digital marketer. He likes reading up on the latest digital marketing and social media trends. When not sleuthing for tips, he is chiseling his fitness-goals and traveling around the world.


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