7 Best Retargeting Companies and Platforms

7 Best Retargeting Companies and Platforms

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Which retargeting ad platforms do top retargeting companies use to recapture missed opportunities with customers? It depends on your type of business and how you plan to use this powerful ad type.

Below, we break down the 7 best platforms, who should use which, and what they might cost you. Choosing one can have you on your way to an ROAS to get excited about.

Google Ads Retargeting Platform


Retargeting platforms


Who Should Use It

Google Ads retargeting is excellent for all kinds of companies: B2B, DTC, B2C, C2C, P2P.

That’s because… how can we put this? The audience on Google is almost everybody online. They own the Internet.

Sounds like an exaggeration?

Well, 90% of search traffic goes through their search engine. Search also happens to be where 70% of purchase decisions start. 

And we won’t even start with YouTube… which is also Google.

Learn more about Google Ads on YouTube over here.

How Retargeting on Google Works

You’ll need a Google Ads account and Google Analytics on your website.

Chances are you already use GA to track your site’s performance. That makes Google one of the easier retargeting ad platforms to work with.

You can quickly start creating these ads to speed up the buyer’s journey and recapture missed opportunities.

Costs Involved

Google retargeting ads use a PPC payment model. So, you don’t pay until people click. Additional costs could involve hiring top retargeting companies to create, manage, track, and optimize all your Google ads. This is a popular choice for busy professionals who want to generate the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) possible, but they don’t have the time to invest in campaign monitoring and testing.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay for PPC, you can always try to boost with organic SEO backlink strategies. This can boost your presence, getting you organic traffic that might help you recapture some missed opportunities.

Why We Like It

Alone, this one ad platform controls 40% of the PPC market. And thanks to their expansive third-party network, the visual display retargeting network, and a growing suite of must-have cloud-based tools, they swing around a lot of authority in many people’s eyes.

Borrow some of that prestige when you use their retargeting ad platform.





Who Should Use It

Now, let’s  shift from a platform like Google, where you can target anybody, to AdRoll.

AdRoll isn’t for everyone. But it’s magic for certain types of businesses.

If you’re a B2C or direct-to-customer DTC ecommerce store, you’ll love this ad retargeting software.

They have 500+ website partners, including the top social media platforms, Google, news websites, and industry faves.

And it’s straightforward to use.

AdRoll also plays nice with others. So, let’s say you want to retarget on Facebook and LinkedIn. But you don’t want to have to manage ad accounts on both. AdRoll centralizes ad setup and analytics while showing ads across these and other networks top retargeting companies choose to run their ads.

AdRoll Retargeting Platform Cost

AdRoll accounts start at just $9. But you can try a lot of features for free. 

After that, AdRoll prices its ads in cost per thousand (CPM). So, you pay for every 1000 screens your ad appears on, even if someone doesn’t click. 

This sounds like a raw deal. But play your cards right, and this works in your favor.

CPM is much cheaper than PPC. And people see your ad even if they don’t click it. We know past brand visitors are much more likely to see a brand’s ad. 

So, they recognize your product on brand. This repetition encourages them to go back to your website.

Why We Like It

The AdRoll retargeting software is a great way to stay on someone’s radar until they do click that ad.

LinkedIn Custom Audiences


LinkedIn Custom Audiences


Who Should Use It

LinkedIn is the quintessential marketing tool for B2B when you understand how to use it.

Over 950 billion people use LinkedIn. 60% of them are between 25 and 34 and tend to be lower-management to executive-level professionals. 

According to Statista, 53% are “high income”. And 80% are what we in the B2B world would call business decision-makers. You’ll find entrepreneurs, C-suite execs, managers, accountants, small business owners, supply chain professionals, and more here.

How Retargeting on LinkedIn Works

To get started, you just need a LinkedIn account with a verified email. Then, set up your Campaign Manager and add the tracking code to your website.

Place the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website to track visitors and conversions attributable to LinkedIn. Segment them based on the pages they visited to make the ads super-relevant.

Like most retargeting platforms, you can also retarget with your contact list. Prompt your audience to act now on opportunities you’ve previously presented to them in webinars, calls, emails, live events, and more.

Not a requirement… but

Completing your LinkedIn personal or business page using best practices is smart. Even if you’re guiding people to your website, the best retargeting companies will tell you retargeting is about more than running ads to U-turn visitors back to your site.

You need trust to close that deal. Ensuring your page communicates trustworthiness and authority will let your professionalism shine through.

LinkedIn Retargeting Ad Cost

LinkedIn PPC retargeting is free! Okay, that’s not entirely true.

But like other pay-per-click ads, you have no entry costs because you don’t pay until people start clicking.

If you’re hiring a LinkedIn retargeting ad agency to build your campaigns and creatives before managing your ads, that will cost something.

But retargeting companies also know how to get the highest ROI. They can save you the time you’d spend figuring out what works. 

And not to brag, but a top marketing vendor knows how to get results consistently using this and other ad tactics that work. (Cough.)

Why We Like It

50% of LinkedIn users say they believe companies advertising here are “high quality”. It sets you apart from spammy fly-by-night companies that can overwhelm other ad platforms.

As far as results go, advertisers report a 33% increase in buy intent after running LinkedIn ads. They have 2X the conversions compared to the same type of ad on other platforms and with 13.5% lower acquisition costs. 

Facebook Retargeting Platforms


Facebook Retargeting Platforms


Who Should Use It

With over 2.5 billion active users, FB is still hot real estate. That’s true, whether your company is B2B and visual or DTC ecommerce. Demographics skew 40 plus as younger generations have moved on to faster-paced platforms.

But those who are here tend to be established with money to spend. So, there’s that!

And, 2-billion people (plus) is no drop in the proverbial bucket.

How Retargeting on Facebook Works

Add a tracking code called Facebook pixel to your website. This allows you to personalize or segment your ads based on the pages they viewed or the buyer’s journey.

The code also tracks conversions from your retargeting campaign. So, you can see what’s working. Then, perform A/B testing on ad content and maximize your retargeting ROI.


Yep. It’s PPC. So, it’s free to get started. You only need to set up your Facebook/Meta Ad Manager account.

Why We Like It

There’s a reason so many businesses start advertising on Facebook. Setting up retargeting campaigns based on profile views, website visits, and contact lists is easy.

And unless you’re only targeting an under-35 audience, chances are those who visited your website will either be on Facebook or several of its many advertising partners.





Who Should Use It

Those who don’t have time to test and optimize.

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Machine Learning Drives Conversions

All retargeting platforms are using AI machine learning to increase ad performance to some extent. But Criteo boasts that its technology can produce a 13X higher return than other platforms.

Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Here’s what’s unique about Criteo. Ads are dynamic.

It uses its AI technology to change your creative based on what it sees performing well. This allows you to send more relevant retargeting messages and ad types to each audience.

Machine learning can optimize performance that would have taken months to achieve if it’s even humanly possible.


Criteo offers a free trial. Pricing depends on how you use it. You’ll work with an account manager who builds a custom plan for you. So, we recommend you check with them to learn about costs.

Why We Like It

Its video ads are fantastic. Instead of creating a gazillion videos to test, Criteo can adapt videos to showcase products, pages, and messages that a person saw on your site.

It also has an automated bidding feature. This can raise or lower your highest bid on different ad campaigns, audiences, and assets based on which ones deliver the highest ROAS.

Criteo can free up some of the time you might spend on A/B testing. So, ROI goes up faster. But…

Word of caution:

The extras that Criteo offers require additional setup and integration you don’t have with Facebook or Google.

So, it’s essential to know what you want. Be ready to spend a whole weekend or three setting this up. You’ll then get that time back and more as it optimizes your campaigns. This is another area where ad retargeting companies can help you by getting you all set up and ready to perform.





Who Should Use It

Do you have high advertising ethics? Do you question what you’re really paying for when ads cost per 1000 impressions?

You’ll appreciate ReTargeter’s transparent business model, as many ad retargeting companies do. 

Raising the Bar on Retargeting Platforms

ReTargeter is a lesser known option among retargeting platforms. However, it sets itself apart by clarifying what counts as an impression.

With most CPM ad payment rates, you’re paying for that view even if your ad barely made it onto the unresponsive page surrounded by a sea of ads.

ReTargeter only counts an impression if your ad visibility meets IAB Standards. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is a collective of over 650 advertisers who agree to follow user-friendly ad practices, e.g., GDRP, use of third-party cookies, intrusive ads, ad sizing, percentage of the ad page, page responsiveness, privacy, etc.

How ReTargeter Works

Much like other platforms, you’ll place the ReTargeter pixel on your website to track visitors and conversions. Then, head back to ReTargeter to set up your ad campaigns.


ReTargeter offers custom packages when you work with a dedicated account manager. So, pricing is not available, other than using a PPM payment model.





Who Should Use It

Do you believe strongly that user experience must come before selling to be successful with your customers? Have you bought into the idea that “Content is King”? Then Outbrain is your kind of ad platform. Many of the best retargeting companies use this tool for just that reason.

Marrying Remarketing to Retargeting 

Outbrain set itself apart from other retargeting websites by bringing the best of both worlds together.

Remarketing generally involves sending helpful consideration and decision-making content to someone on a contact list — email, direct mail, etc. With remarketing, you’re limited by who has shared contact information with you.

On the other hand, retargeting tends to focus more on brand recognition because they visited your website. That ad sends someone to a landing page, which is usually a very bottom-of-the-funnel, sales-focused page.

Outbrain decided to build its retargeting model around excellent content recommendations. So, instead of guiding someone back to a traditional landing page, your retargeting ads invite people to click on engaging content. 

Outbrain displays your retargeting ads on one of the many content publishers they network with. As the website visitor clicks around their favorite news, hobby, educational, or industry site, they see your ad with a catchy title for an interesting blog post or video. It feels like just another engaging content to explore. 

Using content, re-engage the website visitor in the solutions, benefits, and emotions that got them to add something to their cart on their previous visit. It doesn’t have to feel like an ad at all to work.

Why This Works

Outbrain’s unique method can increase conversion by 400% while decreasing cost per action by 50%

Your website visitors won’t get that sometimes “creepy following you around the Internet” feeling.

Let’s look at an example. You have a problem with cart abandonment.


How can great content help you here?

  • 10 Celebrities that Love ______.
  • 15 Unexpected Uses for ________.
  • People in {Location} Are Getting ____ This Year

Insert the actual product, category, or whatever you find works. 


You’ll work with an Outbrain account manager who will help you build a custom plan. You can set your costs per click as low as 3 cents.

While costs are low, it’s vital to spend enough to get your money’s worth. But you shouldn’t pay more than you have to. Top retargeting companies help multiple businesses advertise on the platform. They can analyze your results to help you find that sweet spot.

How Retargeting Companies Elevate Your ROI

When it comes to retargeting, you have a lot of choices. Each platform has its unique audience and way to reconnect with your website visitors. 

The best retargeting platforms are the ones that show ads where your customers are. A proven paid search marketing agency has the analytics tools and skills to determine the best ad retargeting platforms for your business. We can track your campaigns, test, and adapt to ensure you’re getting the most for your ad dollars. 

To attract customers and grow your business with retargeting, book a call & get started.

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