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Best Time to Send Marketing Emails in 2020

November 13, 2019


How many times have you spent hours on crafting the perfect email, only to have just a fraction of the recipients actually open it? Believe me – we know your frustration. Email marketing is an excellent way to promote content and products, even though sometimes it can be difficult to get people to view your emails. Combating this issue of low open rates, however, is not as difficult as it seems.

ECommerce Marketing Ideas to Start Your Holiday Marketing Campaigns (Yes, Already!)

August 30, 2019 ecommerce marketing

In eCommerce, there is serious money that can be made during the holidays. So, if you want to increase your sales, you need to start planning your holiday marketing campaigns as early as possible. Is there an ideal time for this? Well, some marketing experts suggest launching your campaigns in September, while others insist that July is the best time to get started.

12 Top Ways to Market a New Product (and Crush Your Growth Goals)

July 23, 2019 product marketing

Launching and marketing a new product is not an easy feat. In fact, even the most seasoned marketers and business owners often get the jitters just thinking about it.

SaaS PPC Marketing: 5 Tips to Find (and Convert) Better Leads

June 27, 2019 SaaS Marketing

Whether you’re a new SaaS startup or an established service that’s been around for a while, one thing is for sure: You need more customers. Everyone needs more customers! That’s the raison d’être for a business, to grow and thrive. 

Law Firm PPC: 14 Ways to Improve ROI Today

A properly executed law firm PPC campaign is a great way to generate leads for your firm. In fact, it is the gold standard when it comes to client acquisition. Are you ready to start seeing real ROI from your paid campaigns? Here are some tips from our PPC management experts to help you get the kind of results that you’re looking for.

MSP Digital Marketing: Cost-Efficient Ways to Increase Leads

May 6, 2019 Digital Marketing, MSP

As reported by CompTIA’s Buying Guide for Managed Service Providers, nearly 2/3rds of organizations use a managed service provider (MSP) to some degree. As an industry, MSPs are on the rise. But with new MSPs popping up everywhere and existing players looking to expand their presence, it can be difficult for an outsourced IT firm to stand out. That’s why MSP digital marketing has also grown significantly over the past 5-10 years. We have found, however, that the cost of digital marketing can sometimes be a barrier for managed service providers, especially if they haven’t done much in the way of marketing before.

Pinterest Advertising For Your Business (A Complete Guide)

April 22, 2019 Pinterest Ads

So you’ve been advertising your business on social media. Facebook? Firing on all cylinders Instagram? Been there, done that. Twitter? You tweet like a pro! LinkedIn? You write the sort of insightful posts your professional network loves.

Ecommerce SEO: How to Rank on Page 1 of Google

April 8, 2019

With 85% of retailers identifying SEO as the most effective customer acquisition tactic, it’s surprising to find that many ecommerce sites are just not designed with search engines in mind. While paid digital marketing tactics are effective, they are no match for ecommerce SEO, which helps online retailers drive more organic (or free) traffic back to their site.

Sounds like a dream come true, huh? Well, you’ve got to do some work to show up at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Here are the steps you need to take to improve your ecommerce SEO and rank higher on the search engines:

Ecommerce PPC Management: 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid

April 1, 2019 Ecommerce PPC Management

You’ve likely heard about the seven deadly sins – pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth – but hopefully you’re not too familiar with any of them! For people looking to lead an upstanding life, these vices should be avoided. Even the ones that sound like fun.

5 Ways Content Marketing Should Be Used By Ecommerce Companies

March 19, 2019

The future — and increasingly, the present — lies in eCommerce. Brick and mortar businesses are losing ground, and so in order to compete in today's marketplace, companies must up their eCommerce marketing game.

Only 28 percent of small businesses currently sell products online, leaving this growing field wide open for your eCommerce company to take full advantage of content marketing's potential. 

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